Who Is Recruiter Relocation?

Recruiter Relocation (RR) offers innovative and industry-leading relocation support to the executive recruiting industry. Recruiter Relocation supports recruiters in making placements with candidates moving out of state or internationally. The simple and free Pre-Offer and Post-Offer service menu supports recruiters and eases the administrative tasks of placements that involve a move.  The Relocation Coaches help confirm candidate placement,  report the candidate and family outlook back to the recruiter and manage the entire relocation process.  

Recruiter Relocation can trace its beginnings to 1987. In 1993 the company developed a set of highly acclaimed online relocation tools, still widely used in the relocation industry today. The company has continued to grow significantly, now boasting over 400 client relationships and providing various forms of global relocation assistance to over 15,000 customers. After 20 years of business excellence, the delivery of relocation support to executive recruiters has been perfected in the Recruiter Relocation program.

At the core of Recruiter Relocation’s success is the unwavering commitment to service and the willingness to stop at no obstacle in the pursuit of excellence. The combination of this ethic with a functional, work-flow driven system provides a seamless platform for all aspects of the relocation process. Additionally, Recruiter Relocation has some of the most tenured and talented resources found in the relocation industry. With an average industry experience of over 9 years per employee, the company is well prepared to address every opportunity.