What kind of experience do you have working with recruiters and how many do you work with?

The RR team through a sister company started by working side by side with recruiters in 1987. The service model developed over the past 19 years with services added that helped recruiters during the pre-hire and move process. Over the years Recruiter Relocation has worked with over 10,000 recruiters and is adding more each day.

Who gives a Community Orientation Tours?

A Relocation Certified real estate agent gives candidates a tour of the new community. Agents have a proven track record dealing with relocating employees and understand their important role in the entire placement process.

How do you get paid?

The Recruiter Relocation program is a contingency-based service. That means that Recruiter Relocation realizes revenue via industry sanctioned referral fees, only if candidates accept a job opportunity and utilizes the real estate and/or van line services provided by Recruiter Relocation.

Do candidates and clients have to use all the services that Recruiter Relo offers?

Recruiter Relocation Services are a la carte. Candidates can pick and choose which services they would like to utilize. This flexibility allows Recruiter Relocation to complement a corporate client’s relocation policy and become involved when needed.

How do I know what happens during the Face to Face interview between the real estate agent and my candidate during the tour?

As part of the support received during recruiting efforts, Recruiter Relocation ensures Realtor feedback is provided to recruiters for every placement. The Recruiter Relocation real estate team schedules and confirms tours prior to the face to face interview and helps manage the process so recruiters can concentrate on recruiting and not relocation.