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Pre-Offer Program

The Pre-Offer program is a no cost service menu for candidates considering a new job that involves relocation to a new city or country. The program provides a Relocation Coach who gives expert advice, provides useful information and helps you make smart relocation decisions, whether you are a recruiter or a relocating candidate.

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Post-Offer Program

The Post-Offer program is a no cost service menu for candidates who have accepted a new job and now must relocate to a new destination. The program provides a dedicated Relocation Coach who manages every aspect of the move and eases the administrative burden of relocation for both the candidate and recruiter. This program saves recruiters, clients and candidates time and money and greatly reduces the stress of moving.

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International Services:

Recruiter Relocation offers complete global relocation services in over 140 countries. Call us to discuss how we can help make an international relocation safe, cost-effective and transitionally smooth.

Service Snapshot:

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