Pre-Offer Homeowner Services

Recruiter Relocation's Pre-Offer services are completely free to both recruiters and candidates.  The program provides a Relocation Coach who gives expert advice and helps you make smart relocation decisions, whether you are a recruiter or a candidate.  Use Recruiter Relocation to overcome your uncertainty about relocation.  The recruiter decides which services the Relocation Coach offers based upon the specific needs of the candidate:

Pre-Offer Move Consultation:

The Pre-Offer Move Consultation is the beginning of a potential relocation, before the phone interview.  This is the best time to contact Recruiter Relocation.

Home Selling Analysis:

The Pre-Offer Home Selling Analysis provides the candidate valuable information about selling their home should the candidate be extended an offer and accept. 

Community Search Assistance:

The Pre-Offer Community Search Assistance is an awesome support service for both recruiters and their candidates.  Your dedicated Relocation Coach will offer expert advice and provide detailed information that is specific to the candidate and their family.