International Services

Moving internationally is vastly different than moving domestically. RR is here to reduce the burden on your candidate and client. Our dedicated Relocation Coach will coordinate all aspects of the move, save money, reduce complications and produce top results with our highly-skilled premier partners.  

Move Counseling

RR will work with you and your client to explain the details of the relocation benefits being given to your candidate. Our staff is experienced and well established in the relocation industry at program delivery. The staff’s high-quality skills will aide in laying strong groundwork for concise communication, clear expectations and a comprehensive understanding of the relocation process.  

Host Location Services

RR offers a comprehensive host location program that can be tailored to your candidates needs. A dedicated contact will go through a series of questions to ensure that any concerns or needs are addressed prior to your candidate moving to the new location. The Coach will help with items such as registration for school, obtaining a drivers license, information about medical facilities and options, recreational activities, and even the basics of shopping in the new area. In addition they will assist with finding a community within the candidate’s price range that will permit them to live in a similar standard of living.  

Immigration Services

RR works with your candidate to provide a dedicated contact to manage the entire process from the beginning. The contact will assist your candidate and their new company in obtaining passports, visas, and residence or work permits.  

Car Purchase or Lease Plan

RR can help assist candidates moving into the United Status in the sometimes scary process of obtaining an automobile. The services are comprehensive and allow your candidate to purchase, rent short-term, or lease a vehicle through a guided process.